Tuesday, May 28, 2013

end of the year

Today was my last day to work. Having the summers off is one of the best parts of my job. I love getting to spend the whole summer with my kids. Hunter's school is closed all week for teacher in-service, so he is out too. He will not go back until July when I do. Derrick had to work, so we called Jacqulin to come babysit. The kids were so excited. It is hard to believe that I use to babysit her and now she is old enough to babysit my kids. The kids had a great time and when I got home they had cleaned their rooms and the living room. Thanks so much Jacqulin for keeping them.

We had an end of the year cookout/potluck at Chip's house. It was good to just sit and visit with everyone. I also got to hold sweet Addie and she went to sleep, so I just kept holding her. Terah and Susan fixed my kids food so I could just keep holding that sweet baby. The bigger kids had a great time playing. I only took this picture of Hunter with his new pet, Fluffy the ladybug.

Our last gift for Mrs. Russell. She was nice enough to come by on her way home and pick it up. Hannah had a great year in first grade and we were yet again blessed with a wonderful teacher. 

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