Thursday, May 30, 2013

we had a busy day

 We started the day by going to the doctor. Hannah has been coughing for over a week and it is not getting better. Since we are going out of town I wanted to get her checked out. Sure enough she needed a treatment. The doctor said she was not wheezing but her chest was tight and she couldn't take a deep breath. We now have an inhaler and a steroid, just in case the cough is not better with just the inhaler.
 We went to the eye doctor and ordered my prescription sunglasses which I can't wait to get. I love them. It came a huge downpour while we were there. As we were driving to Target we got behind this truck. I stayed back because it did not look safe to me.
 We tried to find Dad some swim trunks. I was texting him to see if he liked either of these and Hunter just had to get in the picture. He is such a mess. Dad did not like either of these. We tried!
 After a quick stop by school we came home to eat lunch and then went to open house at Lighthouse. We took his teachers their end of year gifts. As you can tell we did not have it together the last week of school. They loved them and said they had hoped that was what they were getting. Hunter is going to miss them. His new teachers were very nice. He is excited that his class has a hamster. He was quick to tell his teachers that he was not coming to school Monday but that he would come at the end of July.
We came home to finish packing for SC. I told Hannah and Hunter some things to get out to help me. Hunter decided that he would just lay off of his clothes out separately. I asked him what he was going to wear to Uncle Kyle's wedding and he said, "Oh yeah, I can't reach those clothes."

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