Wednesday, February 18, 2015

snow day #3

 We woke up to about an inch of snow!
 I started the day with a little reading and coffee. (Hunter slept until 8:30!!!!)
 Hannah started her day with a little song writing.
 We went outside before lunch today. Hannah loved that we could see Whisker's paw prints in the snow. Gypsy wants no part of the cold or snow. She is a smart cat.
 The kids thought about trying to build a snowman, it did not last long.
 Derrick spent his morning cleaning water out of the garage. At least we know the ice is starting to melt, right?
 Snow angels!
 They used the cookie sheets for shovels today. They learned cookie sheets only work well for sleds on ice.
 The snow was piled up pretty high in the driveway.
 I think snow makes everything so pretty.
 Hunter thought this snow was good for eating.
 Derrick worked on breaking up the ice so as it melted it would hopefully run away from the house and not into the garage.
 Even the bricks are covered in ice! I have never seen so much ice.
 Just having fun digging in the snow.
 That is some thick ice!

 I see this as a sign of another successful day.
 The kids have loved all of the icicles. They wanted to break these off but they are too high to reach.
 Since I seem to not be able to walk on the ice without falling, I decided to stay in. I read for a while, did a little work and then started pinning tag for consignment. I will finish that tomorrow. I am loving time at home with the whole family and no where to go. Derrick did go to the store today because we were out of milk and bread and a few other things. We are set now and ready for more snow on Friday!

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