Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

We woke up to lots of ice and it kept sleeting all day. We waiting as long as possible before going out, but Hunter could not wait any longer.

We had fun, but boy was it COLD!

 I bought these coveralls for Hunter at the last consignment sale. How cute is he  in them?!?! It is the best $6 I spent. They must be warm too, because before we all finished getting dressed to go out he asked to go outside because he was sweating.
 I think ice on trees is so pretty.
 Whiskers is not sure about all of this. He wants outside but then does not know what to do and cries to come back in.
 The kids loved breaking the icicles off of things. Hunter wanted his picture sent to Mrs. Smith, his teacher, because she loves nature.

 I am loving time with my sweet family. Nothing like some ice to slow you down and make you rest a little.
They melt my heart.

Here are a couple of videos. I gave the kids cookie sheets to use as sleds. Derrick has decided that we are buying real sleds the next time we can find them. We looked this weekend and could not find any. Derrick had an old sled in the barn that he tied a rope to and pulled them around with the four wheeler. Enjoy!

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