Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow day #9

We were happy to have Carson to play with today. The kids have been great, but a friends always makes a day better.

 Hunter had to go back to  the dentist to get two cavity filled. The kids played UNO while waiting.
 Once we got home they worked on the Lego City for a little while.
 After lunch it was time for some arts and crafts. They divided up for this fun.

 I was going to make the bed but Gypsy looked to comfortable to move her, so I just left it unmade.
 Hannah still hard it work making her mug.
 The boys moved on to target practice.
 Her mug is finished, now it just has to dry and she can paint it.
 The drive way is not melting fast.
 Hunter did finish his art project.
He was excited to get to pray for Mrs. Smith tonight. He prayed the sweetest pray for her.

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