Friday, February 20, 2015

snow day #5

 Hanging on to his cookie sheet!
 He needed to run!
 Checking it all out, still frozen!
 She loves making snow angels
 He decided to just sit down and slide down the hill instead of trying to walk down it, pretty smart!
 Working on a snowman.

 When they came in to warm up Hannah asked if she could help count Box Tops. She did one bag.
 Icicle check - still there!
 Whiskers does not know what to do. He loves to go outside but does not like the cold/ice/snow. A nap was his best choice.

 It started snowing again about three this afternoon.

 More snow was Hunter's cue to go out and start working on his snowman again. He is determined to build a snowman.

 I love to watch it snow. It is so peaceful and calming.
 A little more sledding.
 One more snow angel.
 Team work to  get the snowman built.
 SUCCESS! Look how happy he is!

 I went to fold clothes and found this. What a nice surprise. Hannah folded all the clothes when I asked her to fold hers.
 Look who came to check out the snowman. They used a real carrot for the nose. We will look tomorrow and see if she ate it. It is way to cold and yucky to go back out tonight to see.

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