Monday, February 23, 2015

snow day #7 and #8

Sunday we did not have church because the parking lot was an ice skating rink. We had a nice morning at home and then went to SNC (small group). We were happy to meet with friends and finish our study You and Me Forever.  You should read it and watch the videos at here.

 We had a nice dinner and got the play with the newest member of the Bussell family.

 Today Hunter slept in, until 8:40. He is not going to like getting back up for school when we go back. He loves to sleep on the couch.
 Then he wanted a piece of toast, hot chocolate and cold pizza. 

Hunter had a couple of places on his teeth that I was worried about so I called the dentist this morning. They said I could bring them on to have their teeth cleaned and they would check him out. Hannah was so excited that she will not have to go late to school in a couple of weeks. On the way they were talking about what flavor they would choose to have their teeth cleaned with. Hunter wanted grape and Hannah wanted mint. They talked about how Dr. McNutt would could their teeth and how "the girl" would floss them and clean them so good. It made me laugh. They get their love for the dentist from me. Hunter has two little sugar bugs (cavities) one on each side in the back of his mouth. Since we have no school tomorrow we are going back to the dentist to get them filled. He is excited we are going back and is already thinking about what movie he wants to watch while they work on his teeth. He is a little sad they are not giving him a silver tooth.
 When I came home from the Y this was waiting on my desk. Hannah much have decided they needed to do a little school work. I love that she made the test and he took them.
We are ready for snow day #9 tomorrow!

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