Tuesday, September 17, 2013

am I the only one

Well today started out pretty good. We were all up and out the door by 7am. My kids at school were pretty good, my first observation went well, then 3 o'clock came. This is my struggle - my children do not listen to me or seem to take me serious. I came back in my classroom and asked Hannah if she was ready to do get Buddy so we could get to swim team on time. She said, "I forgot my bathing suit." Really!!! I asked her last night and this morning if she had all the things she needed for swim team. She responded yes both times. I asked her if she was sure to which she responded yes. So we made a stop by the house before getting Buddy so she could put a bathing suit on. We still made it on time to swim team so they that all worked out. We get home from swim team and I ask the kids to please lay out their clothes for tomorrow and tell Hannah to get her lunch packed and things ready for swim team Thursday (we have church tomorrow night and we get home at the time they are usually going to bed). While I am fixing their dinner what do I hear...them fighting. They should not even be in the same room to do the task I asked them to do. We eat dinner with no added drama, thank goodness. Showers/baths go well. Then I ask Hannah about a book she told me she read. She can't tell me anything that makes sense about it. I asked her if she really read it and she says yes. I told her I can't believe that if she can't answer any of the questions. I think she just wants to be the first one in her class to finish her reading for this nine weeks. I told her she has to read it again. She pouts and stomps off. As I walk into "Papa's room" I have to step over TONS of things in the floor. I told both of the kids that they had until I got the bed made to get all of their things out of the floor and put where they belong. I was even nice and made the bed really slow to give them more time. When time was up there was still things in the floor in their rooms. I gave them two more minutes to check everywhere and make sure all of their things were picked up. I am trying hard to be nice and give them every chance I can to do what I ask and that they know is expected of them. Well guess what? That is right, there were still things in the floor. When I started picking them up and putting them in a trash bad oh the tears, screaming, crying, yelling, etc. I told them I was sorry but I did not know how much clearer I could say put your things where they belong. I once again reminded them that if they would clean up when they were finished playing that we would not have this problem. I asked them why I had to raise my voice for them to take me serious. I gave them hugs and kisses and told them I loved them and put them to bed. I HATE our days to end like this. I want to be a good mom and want my kids to obey and do the right thing not just for me, but because they know it is the right thing and want to do it for themselves. I tell them that I have to obey God like they have to obey me. That is tough I know and God is really working on me. I am trying to show them grace because I am give way more grace than I even deserve. Am I being too hard of them? Do I expect too much? I feel like when I have to fuss and yell that I am not being a good parent and that I am not showing Jesus to my kids. I know we are all a work in progress and tonight I feel like I have a long way to go. Thanks for letting me share where I am tonight.

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MamaToTyAndTodd said...

Sounds like you need a weekend away.... :)