Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Swim Meet by Hannah

 Coach Nicole gave me some goodies at my swim meet.
 I had two evens at my swim meet today.
Hunter couldn't see the ipad so he hid under my towel. He is CRAZY, right!
 My dad is drawing a shark on my back. It looks good.
My shark is GREAT! My dad is a awesome drawer.
I am swimming freestyle in lane two.
I am swimming backstroke in lane six. 

We are done with the swim meet and are in the car ready to walk in to Zaxby's to eat.


Amber said...

Your shark looks awesome! Good job at your swim meet.

Jeanine Hood said...

We are very proud of the great job you did on swim team! Dad is the best artist and he did a beautiful shark for a beautiful girl.

Super post on the blog. Love you lots sweet girl.

Danielle said...

Loved reading your blog!!!

K. Stuckey said...

Great job Hannah! I know your mom and dad are so proud of you!