Friday, September 6, 2013

who do these kids belong to?

 Hunter wanted to color outside. He asked me if he could use my box of crayons. I told him he has plenty of crayons in his box. He said, "I know but mine do not have a point on them and I need crayons with a point of them to color good." How can I say no to that?  Once he sat down he realized the sun was really bright. He got up and went inside to get the umbrella. This is how he solved the problem of it being to bright.
Hannah asked me to come to the playhouse aka school to see what she had done. She wrote we can statements for Hunter. We have we can statements at school and she must pay attention. She wrote some pretty good ones. She was working on lesson plans for Hunter after she finished the we can statements.

I am glad they like to play school. Hannah always likes real school. Hunter had a rough start to Pre-K but he is starting to like it a little better. I am glad they are both a good mix of Derrick and I. There is no denying that they belong to us and for that I am thankful!

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