Sunday, September 29, 2013

the preacher said

Pastor Mark preached a great sermon today. It was about Marriage, Parenting and Money. He talked about how we like to always protect our kids and not let them take risk. He said, "Let your kids play in the street." One point that really made me think was "The purpose of having children is to create Godly offspring for the next generation to learn about Jesus." We have to teach Hannah and Hunter about Jesus so they can teach their kids. You should listen to the sermon, it was will be well worth your time.

While I was at the grocery store Derrick sent me this picture. He said instead of letting him play in the street he was letting him play with fire. I tagged Pastor Mark when I put it on Facebook and he responded, future missionary. Hunter said, "Does that mean I can go to Africa?" We told him we hoped if that is what God wants and tells him to do.

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