Sunday, September 22, 2013


I made some cookies for us to have this weekend. Hannah gave me the idea. She said, "Mom make a dot and then write mom on it, for dotMom.
 This is most of our group after the first meeting. I love that our group is growing each year.
 Nicole is good at taking pictures of lots of people. She has really long arms.
Here is another picture with a few more of us in it.
 It was POURING down rain Saturday morning when we got up. We made it to breakfast without getting too wet, but getting from breakfast to the conference center was not going to happen without getting SOAKED. So, we did what any smart groups of ladies would do, we called a taxi. Yes, 8 of us piled in the van.

Since it was still raining and we had not bought the $10 box lunch we ate this yummy lunch.

 Some of us stay a second night to just hang out and talk about all the things we learned during the conference. We went to dinner and then had to get ice cream to eat while we discussed all we had learned.

After the week I had with Hannah, I needed this weekend so bad. I learned A LOT, but the two main things I came away with were: I need to parent with joy and grace. I need to keep Christ at the center of my life and family. I am so thankful I get to go to dotMOM each year. Thanks Danielle for keeping the kids Friday night and Mike and Nene for coming to help Derrick with the kids while I was gone. Next year it is in Nashville so I hope that more of my friends will be able to attend.

I was glad to see these sweet faces. I hope to put into practice all I learned starting today.

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