Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Hannah!

 Her first present was a snow day with real snow!
 Snow is so pretty and calming.
 She started the day snuggled on the couch with Whiskers watching a little TV.
 Hunter got to work decorating the envelope of her card. I love that he put a 9 on it. He is so sweet!
 Since we had real snow we made snow cream! Hunter loved it, Hannah was not impressed.
 Birthday lunch. She asks for Taco ring every year on her birthday. Easy for me.
 Opening her cards first. We have been stacking them up as they came in the mail and making her wait. She said it was worth the wait!
 She only asked for three things: Full House Season 2, a new sleeping bag, and a Monster High Doll House. Easy to please and thrilled to open all three.
Getting it all set up. 

 They decided to do a little baking in the Easy Bake Oven. You can bake better if you wear an apron.
 Cookies for all!
 Hannah finally made it outside. 
 Had to take their picture just because they are cute!
 Whisker wanted to be outside, but he is not a fan of walking in the snow.
 Queen and King of the mulch pile!
 No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is almost three inches of snow.
 Let the sledding begin!
 They were so happy to have friends come play with them.

Hannah the snow suffer.
 And we ended the day with singing, cupcakes, ice cream and a really cool candle.

I can't believe our sweet girl is 9 years old. I love to think back about how nervous I was when I went to the hospital to have her. I am still nervous that I (we) are doing this parenting thing all wrong, but with lots of prayer, support from family and friends, and grace we are making it. She is happy and healthy so that has to count for something, right? We love you sweet Hannah and are so proud of the wonderful young lady you are becoming.

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