Friday, March 27, 2015

libray, park and helping others

We thought it would be fun to check out the new library that is close to our house. Hunter was excited to check out a play-a-way like the big kids get to do at school. When we got to the door we found out the library is closed on Fridays. Hunter was a little sad until he saw this. How cool is this, a vending machine full of books and movies! Of course he checked out a movie.
 It was a little cool, but we played for a little while. Hunter always has extra energy he needs to get out.
He fell off the balance beam and hurt his leg. He asked Hannah to carry him and she did. He looks hurt, doesn't he?
 Getting the bags ready and writing notes to put in them.
 Shopping for the items she wanted to put in the bags, with her money she had earned.
 Putting the bags together!
Ready to hand out! 
She had been asking for a long time to make bags to give to the homeless people we see. I had been putting it off, but she has really been on me this week about it so we did it today. She decided how many bags she wanted to make and what she wanted to go in them. She got her money and list and we headed to the store. Hunter said he wanted to buy some things too. They decided to split the cost. They were so excited. We have the bags ready and in the car. I can't wait to watch them give their first bag away. I hope to get a picture of it. 

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