Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sleep in the Deep

 And we're off! Hannah was so excited the trip was not canceled because of the weather.
 Ty was on the trip too but did not sit with the girls. They use to always sit together but they are growing up and not so into always being together now.
 First stop was a touch tank. It took them a while to get up the nerve to touch the sting rays.

 This moth had just come out of it's cocoon. if you look at the top of its wing it looks like a snake head. It is really big.
 Hannah was so excited that she caught this butterfly. It stayed on her hand until she passed it to someone else.
 We got to go behind the scenes and look down in the tank that we would get to sleep under.
 The girls were not sure about sleeping under a tank with sharks in it.
 Natalie was our guide and did a great job telling us lot of cool information.
 The penguins were not every active when we saw them Friday night, but they were still neat to look at.
 They wanted their picture made a lot!
 Hannah really liked the jelly fish. They were very pretty to watch.
 After dinner we went to the IMAX theater to watch a movie about lemurs. It was very interesting.
 Hannah wanted pictures of all of the turtles. She was so excited to show me the alligator turtle because that is what Turtle Man catches. Turtle Man is her new favorite show.

 Glow in the dark fish!
 Our sweet little tour group.
 Hannah took this picture of the alligator.
 Another turtle!
 She was brave and wanted to pet the sturgeons.
 Mr. George was another guide and he told us all about the corn snake.
 And the legless lizard

We gathered all of our belongings and headed to the other building to get ready for bed.

 Hannah found a perfect spot where she could see the fish, shark, turtles swim all night.
This was my few for the night. 
 This was Hannah's view. She said this school of fish stayed there all night.
 We were up and going early, 6am our time, this morning. First stop watching the otters eat.
 Hannah said, "Mom this is a pretty waterfall, take my picture with it." So I did.
 One more stop to see the penguins when they were more active.

We had a great time, but I am very tired. I must be getting old. Staying up late (after midnight) and sleeping on the floor made me feel my age today. We made great memories and that will outlast one night of not so good sleep.

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