Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

 This is my favorite day of Read Me Week! I am so glad all of my friends participated.

 Mrs. Schuerman and I enjoyed dressing wacky, maybe more than the kids!
 My class LOVES to go to the library.

 This sweet friend made my day. When she came in this morning she ran to me and said, "Mrs. Hood, you look so beautiful!" She is so sweet.
 This friend had wacky nails to match her wacky outfit. Her mom laughed so hard she was crying when she walked in this morning. I am glad I was able to make all of my parents smile this morning. I love my job!
 Look at these wacky nails!
 Ms. Sommer is our speech teacher. She comes to my room four days a week. Everyone wants to go with or play in centers with "Sommer." Today they were all so happy she was reading to them all.
 I do not brag on Derrick enough. If he is home in the mornings he makes my breakfast for me. If I ask he will even make my lunch. This yummy salad tasted even better because he made it. He is the BEST!
After lunch Tucker's grandma came to read to us.
 After snack Kenna's mom read to us before we went home.
 Mrs. Saunders is the dress up queen. I have learned from the best.

 Wacky Wednesday!
 It was much harder to do wacky with Hunter than Hannah. One, he is not that into dressing crazy because he does not want people to laugh at him. Two, there is not much to do to his hair. We had some colored hair spray. I was just going to spray it different colors, but when your dad is Derrick Hood you get this instead. I am sure he had the coolest boy hair in the whole school.

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