Monday, March 23, 2015

spring break

 Our peach tree is starting to bloom! I love spring!
 Hunter loves to play in the dirt and mulch piles that the Tidwell's have in their yard. He came running back to me and said, "Mom, I need your phone to take a really cool picture." Here is his cool picture. He has just finished learning about worms in science and was so excited to find one. He had already carried one over to show me. He is 110% boy and I love it!
 We were so excited that Danielle and Riley came to visit! Riley is so sweet and it was nice to catch up with Danielle.
 Hunter said she is so sweet and cute! I agree!
 I could hold her for days! I love babies!
The kids wanted to practice hitting so I was pitching to them. They are both pretty good at hitting. Hannah hits WAY harder than I thought. You would think this little plastic balls would not hurt that bad, right? WRONG! They hurt REALLY bad if they hit you with some force behind them. Lesson learned, don't pitch to Hannah.

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