Friday, July 12, 2013

a day at Vanderbilt

 Last year a group from Vanderbilt came to do a study with first graders at our school, if the parents gave them permission. I am all about studies that will help make things better for kids. This study is to help when kids are diagnosed with reading disabilities later (3rd and 4th grade). They look at beginning reading skills and then can compare them to students in upper grades when they have a problem that they did not have in lower grades. Hannah qualified for the study so we will go each summer for the next four summers for one day of testing. She loved it. We had a longer lunch than planned because she worked so hard and fast during the morning. I had to answer a lot of survives about her behavior.
 The last thing they did was an MRI to get a base line for her. She watched a movie while they did it. Next year she will play a game while they do it so they can see how her brain works. She was very excited to get a picture of her brain. The lady who was with her all day told her she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was the out. We agree 100%!
She got to choose a prize after each test. She got a pencil and eraser for her and Hunter. We will get the results of her test in a few weeks.

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