Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Our sweet baby deer was back this morning. We watched her, I think it is a girl, play for about 15 minutes. She would run around the whole house and then rest for a minute, then take off again. When she got tired she decided to eat some of my flowers. It is a good thing she is cute!

Hannah told me she wanted her nails and toes red, white, and blue for our trip to Kansas and the 4th of July. She asked me if I would mind if she asked Mrs. Julia to paint them because she is really good at painting nails. I told her I did not mind at all. Mrs. Julia was glad to come over and make Hannah's nails and toes look great. She loved them!

I am almost finished packing. I have to say it is much harder to pack for a trip when you are flying with kids. I hope these two books that I bought for the kids when I had my Usborne party will keep them busy for a little while.

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