Thursday, July 25, 2013

it will get better

 This has been a rough week for Hunter. He loved the first day of school and when in with no problem. The next day there were tears. The next day there were even more tears. He only tells me he does not want to go. His teachers say he is fine after we leave and may cry or get weepy a couple of times during the day. Last night he told us that if he cold pack his lunch he would not cry. I am willing to try almost anything at this point. Look at that happy face! Well it only lasted until we pulled up at the school. I am not sure that my heart can take this much longer. I am praying that next week will be better when he knows that I am really at work. I just hope he will not be more upset because Hannah will be here with Jacqulin.
 A good part of our day is that we are going to Ruth's tonight for an ice cream/dessert social. I am excited to see my A.Z. Kelley family.
I am doing a Pete the Cat theme in my classroom this year. This is Pete. I am going to put him on my door. I will post a picture of the completed door soon.

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