Saturday, July 27, 2013

swim meet and a cute find

The shark is getting better each time.
 Hannah is excited to swim the breaststroke for the first time today.
 Ready to the backstroke.
 And she is off! GO, Hannah, GO!!!!
 No you are not seeing things, that is a kitten in the school with Hunter.
 Yes, now the kitten is at our house. We could not leave it crying and alone at the school when it is hot outside and there is no mama cat to be seen.
 She loves Hunter and follows him everywhere.
 She has pretty markings.
 She likes the cat tower.
 Sitting with me for a few minute. I am just glad she is quiet. She has a  really loud meow.
 Sleeping with Derrick and the kids while they watch a movie. She has to be touching someone.

 Hannah is a little scared of her. She does not like that she scratches. You would think she is a lion the way Hannah yells when the kitten runs after her or tries to climb on her.
The first meeting was successful I guess. Gypsy just hissed at her and then walked away. It went better than I thought it would. Hopefully Monday at school I will be able to figure out who the kitten belongs to or someone will want her.

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