Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boot Hill and Horseback Riding

 So happy to be riding in Sissy's booster seat.
 Ready for the trolly ride through Dodge City.

 This is what Hunter thought of the ride. It is a good thing he went to sleep because before the ride started the driver asked that there be no talking.
 Doing a little duck racing.
 We locked them up for a little while!
 Hunter just made himself at home while touring the Boot Hill Museum.
 The Sheriff was nice enough to take a picture with the kids.
 What a great looking class!

 He is too much!
 Checking out the train engine with Grandpa Mike.

 Hunter wanted his new turtle to ride in his seat.
 After got back to the Hood's we went out to the farm for the kids to ride a horse.
 Hannah loved it!
 Hunter's turn!
 They both needed one more turn, together!
 Thanks Sammy for letting them ride!
This is my favorite picture of the day.

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