Wednesday, July 3, 2013

up, up and away to Kansas

 He was up early and ready to go to the airpork, as he calls it.
 Yes we checked 4 bags and one might have had nothings but shoes in it.
 Hunter was so excited to be on the plane. He kept asking when we were going to blast off!
I love that she still plays with her princesses.

 Derrick found the picture of him flying to Kansas for the first time and wanted to recreate it with Hunter and Hannah on their first flight to Kansas.

 They were excited to see the pilot and have their picture made with him. Hannah decided to give Hunter bunny ears with her thumbs up.  
 We had a layover in Chicago and the kids got to watch our luggage change planes. I was glad to see ours going on the next plane.
 Not only were we getting to "blast off" again, but he was getting to eat McDonald's and "burritos" on the plane.
 And there are snacks on the plane, it does not get any better for this boy!
 We read and worked in his plane book. It kept him busy for a little while.

 Passing time while we wanted on Mike, Nene and Morgan to come get us.
 I love to see the clouds when flying. I also love my new app.

 After asking at least 1,000 times if we were at Morgan's house he finally went to sleep.
 We made it to the Hood's and when they got home from work we went to help get a few things ready for the Street Dance and then to eat at the 4P, the only restaurant in their town. Hunter was the most excited to ride in the front with no seat belt.
 I was waiting in the truck and thought I would take a picture of the Bucklin water tower.
 Riding the tricycle in the road. She thought that was so cool!
 Hunter was trying out the tractor.
 Hunter was checking out the lights on the police truck. Their neighbor is a police officer and came over to let the kids push the buttons and check out this truck.
 They even got sheriff badges.
Hunter's turn  to ride in the road. We had a great first day. I am sure the kids will be up early for more fun tomorrow.

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