Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a much better day, for the most part

 Hunter has been throw up free for 24 hours so we headed to the pool. He wanted to pack his own lunch box. We had a great time at the pool.
Hannah was very quiet after her shower. I went to check on her and this is what I found. What.In.The.World. She could not tell me why she was using this brush or how it got stuck in her hair.
 Here is a closer look. I tried to get it out but had not luck and not near enough patients. Thankfully Derrick has more patients than me. He put her in the bathtub and put lot, LOTS of conditioner on it. He broke the handle of my brush and was able to work the top part out. Dad to the rescue.
 Hunter loves playing with handcuffs. He says, "I am going to under arrest you."
 He got "under arrested" too.
 Hannah planted a bookmark from her garden book. I think it is too old, but it is really grows I will take a picture to share.
 Hunter got a splinter while he was working. He went upstairs and got the tweezers for Derrick to get it out. It was a little too deep for that. He just watched as Derrick got it out with the x acto knife.
We did end the day well. We were reading in the kids Jesus calling book. As soon as we started reading the verse Hunter's face lit up. He was so excited that he knew the verse. We sing it in preschool worship. I love that he remembers it and gets so excited.

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