Thursday, December 13, 2012

a few things that make me happy

 This silly elf and how she makes the kids laugh. Tinsel wanted to try her hand a fishing. Hannah and Hunter thought it was hilarious.

 I got my birthday pie early. My principal bakes everyone a fudge/brownie pie for their birthday. They are always so yummy and usually warm when she gives them to us. I am very blessed to work for and with such a wonderful principal.

I love getting mail (that is not bills). That is what makes me so happy about the month of December. Not only do I get birthday cards, but we get Christmas cards. It is so nice to see pictures of so many of our friends  and family. I also love getting cards with sweet messages in them, handwritten. I was trying to stand them on the ledge, but it was not working out, so Derrick said to just tape them to the wall. Yeah for a whole wall of happy!

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Mike and Nene said...

That Tinsel is as crafty girl. Pretty hilarious!