Monday, December 10, 2012

trying times

Hannah and Hunter have had a rough couple of days. Hannah is having a hard time listening and obeying and Hunter is not being kind to his friends. Derrick and I are trying to figure out what we are doing wrong. We have been doing lots of praying  about and over them. We will get through this and will be better for it, right? We are not going to be doing to many fun things until they show us they can obey us. Tinsel did not like there behavior either, so she left a note and did not get to do anything fun. Hannah would not tell us what the note said. She told us it was for her and Hunter only. She did say that she did not want Tinsel to go and stay at the North Pole yet. I wonder if they note said something to that effect? Hannah did a little better today listening and obeying us. Hunter spit on a friend. He did pray tonight that he would be nice to his friends and not spit on them. I think spitting is so gross and I am not sure where he has learned to spit from. I am praying that tomorrow is much better for them both.

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MeMe said...

You are not doing anything wrong. We all have good days and bad ones, and you are simply learning from the wonderful experience of life. Christmas is a very stressful time -- even for children. They have to be good or else not get Santa, and maybe it just gets to them, too. They are only human and will never be perfect, so don't be too hard on yourselves or them. They are two great kids that will grow up to be just fine -- exactly like their special parents. Love all of you.