Friday, December 21, 2012

Animal Kingdom

 On the shuttle ready to go. Hunter wanted no part of the picture taking.
 Hannah is very into hippos this year. That is all she asked Santa for. She was so excited to see real hippos.
 Checking out the hippo a little closer.
 First real character picture and Hunter did great!

 Ready to see It's Tough to be a Bug. Hunter cried and Hannah covered her eyes the whole time. I am not sure why they both dislike it so much. Derrick and I enjoyed it.
 Hannah did not want her picture made, but Hunter was all into picture making at this point in the day.
 Daisy was at home taking care of the kids because they are on Christmas break too!
 I love this picture! The one with Mickey did not turn out because the sun was to bright.
 This is as close as we got to Goofy! Hunter wanted no part of going close to him.

 While Dad and Hannah went to ride Everest Hunter and I ate ice cream,
 he drew in the dirt and
 got pooped on by a bird!

Hannah loved Everest and was able to ride it twice. We went to see Nemo and back to Dino Land to ride a little longer before heading back to the condo. 

We took this as a sign of a great first day at Disney for the wild man. Tomorrow we are headed to Magic Kingdom.

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