Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my heart is happy

 This is the first time Hannah has ever had her picture made with Santa. We have tried every year and she always cries. Last year, not long after Christmas Hunter told us he wanted a picture with Santa. Bless him, I never thought about taking him since Hannah always cried or said no. He was not with me last year when I asked Hannah if she wanted to have her picture made so we never went. I promised him this year that he could have his picture made. Dad looked up places to find Santa and thought Bass Pro Shop sounded the best. You get a free picture and there are games/activities the kids can do. Hannah and I left school right at 3:15 and Dad and Hunter were already home. We changed the kids clothes and off we went. There were only about five people in line in front of us. Hunter was a little clinging, but got over it by the time it was his turn. He sat on his lap but was speechless. That is a first for him. Hannah told him she wanted surprises, hand sanitizer, candy and toys for Gypsy.
 Hunter saw crayons and wanted to go color. While he was coloring he said, "Oh, no I forgot to ask Santa if I could go to the North Pole with him." I told me that he would have to stand in line again if he wanted to talk to him. He said, "Ok let's go get in line." So we went and got back in line, which was shot still.
 Hannah really wanted to play with the remote control truck but the kids who were there first where not big on sharing or taking turns. She decided she would come back and see Santa again too.
 Hunter asked him if he could go to the North Pole with him. Santa politely told him no. Hunter then asked if he could go in his house, the one behind him. He told him no again. Hunter was fine with that. Hannah decided she did not want to tell him anything else.
 The guns were free so they decided to practice shooting.
 Hannah asked Hunter to trade guns because she really wanted the pink one. Look how hard he is concentrating. I hope he does not bite his tongue off one day.
 He was listening to Derrick tell Hannah to look though the little part at the top to the end of the gun. He was trying his best to do what Derrick was telling Hannah. He is so silly. I think he really is going to be a hunter. He has asked A LOT lately to go fishing.
 Hannah decided that she would just write Santa a letter to make sure he knew she wants a stuffed hippo, cat toys for Gypsy and that she really liked him and thought he was nice. We put it in the mailbox there.

We at dinner at the mall and then went out the back way and through the hotel to see the Christmas lights. I love how excited the kids get about seeing Christmas lights.

 Hunter was excited to see the huge Nativity set. He told us that he is learning about Mary and baby Jesus.
 Tinsel was in Gypsy's stocking this morning. Derrick told Hannah that she might think it is hers. She is such a silly little elf.

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Mike and Nene said...

YAY!!! A picture with Santa. So proud of Hannah for getting this done. Great picture.