Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

 Tinsel was having a little syrup to drink this morning when Hunter found her. 

I had a great 33rd birthday. My day started with a phone call from my Daddy to tell me Happy Birthday! When I came out of the bathroom Hannah and Hunter were standing at the door and yelled, "Happy Birthday!" Hunter told me Happy Birthday at least 100 times today. It melted my heart every time. We ate breakfast together and they gave me my presents. We had a great morning at church and then a nice lunch with MeMe before she had to go back to SC. We spent the afternoon at home playing, watching movies and making goodies for teachers at school. Tonight we had dinner with the Bussell's and Bryant's for my birthday and let the kids exchange gifts. Hanging out with friends was a great way to end my birthday. I feel very loved. Thanks for all the calls, texts and Facebook messages.
 Allison made this delicious cake for me. It was so GOOD!!!! Thanks Allison!
 Hunter is serious about opening gifts this year.
Hannah is working hard to pull the tape off, that is what the crazy face is about.

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