Friday, December 14, 2012


 Hunter wanted to be a helper tonight. Oh, how I love him and his sweet heart!
 I needed some extra snuggle time with Hannah tonight. We have had a hard week. Even on our worst days I am so thankful for her and for the opportunity to be her mom.

Tinsel had to spend the day at the North Pole. Hannah would not do anything I asked her last night and Tinsel had left a not before saying that she would have to stay at the North Pole if they kept not listening and obeying us.

As I learned today about the shooting of those sweet kindergartners and other children today in  Connecticut all I could think is, I am so glad Hannah is in my classroom with me this afternoon. I know she is safe. It made me question if I should be so hard on her. I was happy to call her name to come when Derrick came to pick her up. I really can't imagine what the teachers at the school felt and how the parents of those precious children feel. As I teacher I feel it is my job to keep their kids safe all day. As a parent I want to know my children are safe at school. My heart is so heavy with sadness for those families. So tonight I carried Hunter through Wal-Mart, I let Hannah lay on the couch with me for a little longer and I gave them lots of hugs and kisses. Life is short and today was a reminder of that. Oh how important it is to be ready. I am glad I am and I need to be about making sure others are as well.

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