Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas lights

 We went to look at Christmas lights tonight after eating dinner at Chick-fil-a. We went to our new favorite place to see lights, Sunny Side. Hunter kept saying, "The lights are so beautiful!" Hannah remembered lots of the lights. They are very beautiful.

 Hunter liked the dragon breathing fire the most!
 We rode through Copperfield subdivision as well. There were several pretty beautiful lights in there.
 Santa in the fire truck was a hit.
 Look at these beautiful faces. They love that they get to unbuckle and roll the windows down to see better, only when the car is stopped.
 Tinsel has enjoyed listening to Hannah read the Christmas story each night. She must have wanted to finish reading the story for herself.
Sometimes Hannah needs a little help with the big words in the bible so she likes one of us to be close. She is doing great reading from the bible. Hunter is getting better at listening and tells us when what she reads is something he learned at school that day.


MamaToTyAndTodd said...

We go to SunnySide multiple times each year! :) Need to figure out where the Copperfield (Is that the right name?) place is!

Mike and Nene said...

Beautiful lights, that sounds like a evening of fun! Some are Christmas Vacation!

Glad to see you got to do this. So proud of Hannah reading the Bible stories to everyone and proud of Hunter for being a good listener!