Monday, December 3, 2012

OH, NO!!!! Tinsel didn't move!

That is what I heard Hannah say this morning as I was getting ready. She came running to me to tell me this sad news.  I told her maybe Tinsel wanted to make sure she saw the candy canes because she did not eat one yesterday. She told me that she saw the candy canes and Tinsel knew that. I just reassured her that maybe Tinsel really wanted her to take one before she moved somewhere else. She said that she really hoped someone did not touch her yesterday. I told her to make sure she told Tinsel she saw the candy canes and maybe Tinsel just liked hanging out in the kitchen. She walked over to the counter and whispered to her, "I saw the candy canes and I really hope that no one touched you yesterday." I sure hope Tinsel moves tonight or I will have one very upset little girl in the morning.

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