Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

 Gypsy was not a fan of us taking all the Christmas decoration down. She kept laying on/under/in things as we put them out to put things away.
 We decided it might be a good idea to have the kids rest for a little while since we are going to the Bussell's to ring in the New Year. I guess the last 10 days caught up with them. Hannah even slept for about 30 minutes. Gypsy was just glad to have us home and wanted to be near whoever was being still.

 The kids had pizza, edamame and cream soda made by Mrs. Allison!
 The adults made sushi and it was so good. I made one roll, but I am not as good  at making them as I am eating them. Allison wins the prize as the best sushi maker I believe.

 For dessert we had pineapple, strawberries, angle food cake, marshmallows and pretzels all to dip in chocolate. The kids thought the fondue pot was pretty neat.

 Look at these cute faces!!!! Love them!!!
We all matched and did not even plan it. I love these girls and I am very thankful for the friendship I have with them. I am glad to spend time with my TN friends.
 Derrick and Hannah playing a little air hockey.

Hunter ended his night playing with play doh. I did not get a picture of Cooper bowling. We put the kids to bed and then enjoyed each others company while we rang in the new year. Thanks for having us over!

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