Friday, October 19, 2012

a long but good day at school

 Zero the Hero visits Kindergarten every day that ends with a zero until the 100th day of school when she reviles who she is (Mrs. Saunders). Well this year there are some kindergartners who are a little too smart and were catching on to who is was. Ruth, the real Zero the Hero, asked me to fill in today to through them off. Some of the classes acted excited and others were not very sure. One of the kids at dismissal said that I was Zero the Hero because they saw my earrings and another asked why a boy was wearing earrings. I guess they are under the impression that Zero the Hero is a boy.

 Danielle and I dressed up as cowgirls for the Fall Frolic tonight.
 Here we are with our K cowgirl friends. We all have matching costumes because we are doing a Halloween 5k tomorrow night. We always have so much fun together.

 Hannah and Hunter made stopped off in the face painting room first. Hannah was already finished getting her face painted by the time I found them. Hunter, I mean Buzz, was getting a pumpkin painted on his face.
 As Hunter was leaving, Lydia was coming in. They were so excited to see each other. They are in the same class at Lighthouse.

 Hannah loved that Mrs. Russell painted her fingernails.
 Hannah and J.J. She is sad that he is not in her class this year, but they still get to see each other. They somehow end up getting to sit together at dismissal everyday. : )
 I am proud that my eyes are mostly open, and you can see where I get closing them from. I am glad Nana and Papa are here this weekend. They have been a huge help with the kids while I was baking cookies last night and while I helped at the Fall Frolic tonight.
Hannah and Hunter showing off their dance moves. I am not sure who they get them from because it is not Derrick or I. It must be Uncle Kyle. I hope you all had a great Friday!!!!

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