Tuesday, October 9, 2012

just my kind of day

 Hannah wanted to take a picture of the Meerkats.

We are trying to enjoy Fall Break to the fullest. Today Cooper came to stay, which is an added bonus for my kids. They love having friends over, and so do we. They all played really well together this morning while Derrick ran some errands and I did laundry and things around the house. When he got back we went to the zoo. We all had a great time and loved the wonderful weather. I must have been having too much fun to take many pictures. We came home and ate lunch before heading outside to play. They played outside all afternoon. They were still outside playing when I came back from running. We quickly washed hands and headed to meet Mrs. Allison and Mr. Jeremy at Blue Coast. It was a little crazy there tonight but we still had a good dinner. Cooper had a ball game, but we did not attempt to go. Hunter did not nap again today and I was sure he would not be pleasant at the ball field. He did something to his finger at dinner and made it bleed really bad. Of course I did not have a band-aid, but I was glad to have MacGyver aka Dad with me. Hunter thought it was a really cool band-aid. I think he was asleep before we were a mile down the road. I will call that another successful day. I am a little sad that he is going to school tomorrow, but I have to get my report card done. Hannah is excited to have the day at home and I am sure I will be able to take a break to do a little something fun with her.

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