Saturday, October 6, 2012


 Welcome to Dollywood!!!
 We saw lots of bald eagles.

 Hunter and I took a train ride while the big kids rode rides that he is not tall enough for.

 I will ride but I am not sure about this.
 This might me ok?!?!
 I am excited to ride the roller coaster.
 I love this!!!!

 I think this ride is called the scrambler. It flings you around while spinning you around. He laughed the whole time.

 He is so silly!
 He thought the fun ride was fun.
 Earlier today I was telling Hunter the name of some of the rides he was tall enough to ride. He was very excited about the riding the bumble bees.

 Hannah was so happy to drive me. She said, "You know you have to teach me how to drive before I am sixteen." I told her that we were not going to think about that just yet.
 Cooper driving Jeremy.

 Hannah driving Dad.
 Hunter driving MeMe.

 We all took the train ride around the mountain. Hunter was so tired that he fell asleep. I think the picture of him sleeping in on Derrick's phone.
 Hannah loves to ride the swings. I remember riding these swings when I was little and getting stung on the chin. Thank goodness no one got stung today, it was too cold for the bees to be out. I think Hunter would like them too, but he was not tall enough to ride them.

 I don't remember what this ride was called but We all had fun riding it. Hunter thought it was great. MeMe took pictures of us riding and I will have to get them form her.
 The teacups always spin faster than I think they will. They did a great job making us spin really fast.
 Hunter and Cooper stayed with MeMe and I while Hannah and the other big people went to ride big people rides. We had a good time riding the rides for not so big people.

 Hunter had to drive the cars just one more time!!!!! We had a great day. It was cold and rainy at time, but that did not stop us from having fun. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard and much in one day. I hope that Derrick took some pictures of Hannah on the rides and will post them when I get them from his phone.
 A nice little family of raccoons were on the porch when we got back to the cabin. They ran when we first walked up, but once we were in the house they came back and hung around for a while. It was a fun way to end our great day.

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Mike and Nene said...

So glad everyone had fun and enjoyed the rides and thrills.

I love the happy smiling faces in the pictures.