Sunday, October 7, 2012

lazy day

We enjoyed a lazy morning just hanging around the cabin. Mrs. Allison cooked yummy pancakes for breakfast. We had somehow accumulated enough food to have leftovers for lunch. Since it was rainy and cold we decided to so shopping at the outlets. I think we all found what we were looking for. The sun came out and the weather was great while we waited outside at the Apple Barn. We had a yummy dinner and then went back to the cabin to rest and relax some more. Hunter did not nap today so he fell asleep on the way to the outlets. He wants to be big so bad, but he still really needs a nap everyday. The had just enough nap to keep him from being too grumpy. When we got back to the cabin he wanted to get in the big bathtub. Dad decided to fill it up and turn the jets on. He also added some soap. Hunter had a  great time. When Hannah saw how much fun he was having she decided to join in.

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