Wednesday, October 17, 2012

our brave boy

 This summer Hunter had to have a wart removed from his hand. You can see the scare on his right hand. He had bitten on it and got small warts on the corner on his mouth. We gave him medicine and put medicine on it all summer. It got a little better but never went away. We had started to notice a few more warts on his hands so I decided to call the doctor back. She wanted to see him. This morning he asked me if he was going to have to get a shot and the fire on his hands. I told him I did not know that we would have to wait and see what the doctor said. He told me that if she had to he would be brave again. Oh how I love how brave and sweet he is. The good news is no shots or fire. The bad news is she froze them and it hurt. He sat in my lap with tears running down his little face saying I am being brave mama. I told him he was great and it could cry if he wanted to. He cried for about two minutes and then was fine. It broke my heart. She said he put the medicine on them and cover them with band aids at night. She is also calling in some liquid medicine for him. We go back in three weeks. She said she may have to freeze them again then, but I did not tell him that yet. I am glad he loves to wear band aids and that Grandpa Mike gave him these cool camo band aids.
The nurse and doctor both told him how cute he was. How can you not love this face and want to kiss it all the time? The doctor said she felt bad having to hurt his sweet little hands and was so proud of how brave he was. She asked him if he wanted a sticker. He said, "Yes and a sucker." She told him they were out of suckers and he quickly told her that she needed to get some more. She told him she would get some before he came back. I hope she remembers.

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Mike and Nene said...

oh precious boy, I am so sorry you had to have some pain but hopefully this will be it. We will have to bring some more band aids. Love you big boy!