Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party

 Derrick painted these chairs that Jon got for us. They are so cute.
 Hunter for trying out the corn table to make sure if was ready for all his friends. How cute is he in his bear hat. It was cold so we wore the hat most of the day.
 Look at these sweet babies. How did they get so big?
 Woody is ready for the party to began.
 Ariel was ready for the party to began. I am so glad she still loves princesses.
 Thanks MeMe for this fun bowl. It was perfect for the popcorn.
 This is the best I could do and we were still missing a couple of kids.
 I think this is the only picture I got of Hannah and Kylie all night and it is not great. They were eating the cookies they had just decorated.
Since it was so cold we decided to move the pumpkin decorating and movie inside. The kids were fine with it. I should have taken a picture of all the finished pumpkins. They were really cute.

We had a great time spending time with all of our friends. Thanks everyone for coming and we look forward to having you all pack next year.

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