Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a day of fun, mostly

 Hannah worked all morning making her grotto so she could perform for us. In the picture above she is showing us her things in the box. I love that she likes to perform. Hopefully that will continue and take her far in life.
  I love that she wanted a plastic knife, fork and spoon. I think she may have seen The Little Mermaid one to many times. I think she knows the whole movie by heart!
 We finished sorting the change and started rolling it today. It took most of the day to sort it, but it is ready to all be rolled and added up.
 Hannah wanted to do the show one more time when it was dark so she could turn the turtles on. It was just as good the second time even without the Ariel costume.

The not so fun part of the day was that Hunter had to go have a few warts frozen again. I am thankful that Derrick took him this time. They are smart warts, but I would really like for them to be gone completely. He has to go back in 6 weeks.

The part of the day that was fun at the time but I am not sure will be fun tomorrow is that I finally went back to the gym. I did an hour of body pump and ran a mile and a half. It felt good to be back at the gym, but I am sure I will pay for it tomorrow. I wish I could get back in shape as fast as I got out of it.

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