Thursday, January 3, 2013

still cleaning out and spend the night party

 We did not clean out/organize all day today. I went to the gym and then the dentist. Hunter went back to school. One the way he said, "I bet my teachers have missed me." He is so funny. Derrick and Hannah ran a few errands and worked on little projects at the house. Here is the play area downstairs for now. Uncle Kyle is all moved out and the kids are taking over his room for now.

 Hannah was so excited to have Kylie come and spend the night tonight. She tells me all the time that she just wants Kylie to come live with us and Hunter to go live with Blake. She tells me almost daily that she really wants a sister and that she wants it to be Kylie.
 They wanted to read a little before going to bed. It is hard to believe they can read to each other and did not need or want me to read to them.
Hunter was a little upset that he could not sleep in Hannah's bed with them. After to had a little fit he decided to go to sleep. I do not know how he can sleep with the light shinning right in his face. He asks us to turn the light in the living room off all the time when we put him to bed. We always tell him if he can sleep with that light on he does not need lights in another room turned off. Silly boy!

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