Sunday, January 20, 2013

busy Sunday

 After church and lunch Mrs. Julia came and picked Hannah up to go to the Volleyball game. Hannah and Aniyah were good cheerleaders. The Teacher's Pets won! Way to go!!!!
 It was finally sunny today. I think Gypsy was just as happy as we were to see and fill the warmth of the sun.
 Hunter loves to help Derrick. Derrick has been working on the basement while he has been off. He built shelves and refinished a cabinet that was in the basement when we moved in. This is going to be our arts and crafts area.

It is getting there. Doors, drawer fronts and a counter top to go. 

This is Hunter's new favorite thing to do. He had to show Mrs. Julia when she brought Hannah home. I think he just likes to try to give her a heart attack.

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