Thursday, January 10, 2013

my heart is full

 Hannah has been reading her Jesus Calling book every night since January 1st. Tonight we had a discussion about trusting Jesus. She asked me what I trust Jesus for. I told her that I trust Him to take care of her and Hunter. The devotion was about trusting all the time. I told her the hardest time or when I had to trust Him the most was when she was in my belly. She said, " I am glad you trusted Him and I am here." She prayed the sweetest prayer tonight. I had tears in my eyes listening to her pray. I pray that she will one day have a wonderful relationship with Jesus.

Hunter said really sweet prayers too. I pray the same for him. He wanted to read tonight from his book. He is so proud of himself for reading the first page all by himself. He almost has it memorized word for word. 

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