Monday, January 14, 2013


 As a teacher I LOVE snow days. It was very cold and there was a little sleet, snow, rain mixture today at dismissal. I told my kids that if they wear their pj's backwards and flush two ice cubes it may help us have a snow day. Mrs. Russell told Hannah the same thing. Hunter wanted in on the fun. You know he loves stay at home days. We flushed more than 4 ice cubes. We were thinking the more the better the chance.

There are several of us doing the Zoo Run Run in a few weeks. We decided that we should make tutus and dress up a little for this run. We are going with a zebra theme. I made Hannah's tutu tonight while I watched The Biggest Loser. I will make mine tomorrow.

 Tulle cut and ribbon ready.
 Getting there. It took me a few times to get in a good rhythm and then it went really fast.
So cute!!!! I can't wait to show her in the morning.

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