Saturday, January 19, 2013

girl's weekend

 Our first stop was dinner in Chattanooga. We ate at Taco Mamacita and it was so good. Tara and I shared the Sloppy Joe Nachos.

After a much longer ride than we expected we finally made it to our hotel in Atlanta. We had to stay up and talk for a little while. Probably around 3am we decided to get some sleep so we would be ready to shop in a few hours.

After breakfast at the hotel we made our first stop.

 We made a quick stop by a wonderful doughnut shop that one of Tara's coworkers had told her about. It was very yummy. I decided to get doughnuts for the kids to have for breakfast tomorrow morning.
We left there and headed to IKEA. Some of the girls had never been and that is how the weekend came about. We did not want our friends missing out on such a great place. Here we are ready to shop.
Several hours later we made it to the bottom floor. We laughed that we should have taken an after picture. Little sleep plus lots of shopping made for some very tired girls. I think everyone found good things.
The carts full and one flat cart is not bad for six of us, right? I think we all had a great time. It was nice to get away with girls for the weekend. I think we will make girls weekend a tradition. I hope more girls can join us next time. Thanks girls for a great weekend. Thanks husbands for hanging out with the kids or alone all weekend so we could all go.

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