Monday, November 26, 2012

10 years worth of savings

Derrick and I started putting our change in this jug when we lived at the studio the first year we were married. The whole first year we did not put any quarters in it because we used them to wash clothes. When we moved to our first house we took the jug with us and keep putting our change in it, now getting to add quarters. Once Hannah came long the grandparents started saving change and giving it to her. We added it to the jug. Then Hunter came and the grandparents started giving both of the them change. Derrick said we were not going to roll it until it was filled to the top. Well today it is filled to the top. We will sort, count and roll it soon. We have not decided what we will do with the money, but I am sure it was be used for the 4 of us to do something fun. Thanks to all the grandparents for contributing to the change jug. We will start filling it again and see how long it takes to fill it a second time.

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MeMe said...

Today would have been my Mom's 83rd birthday. I predict the jug has $5,583. Wouldn't that be nice? You will be surprised. Probably just the right amount to pay for that precious Nissan transmission. Praying that one will work out just right, though. Have fun rolling, counting, and then choosing your most fun thing ever to do together while making some more great memories! Love and miss all of you. :-)