Sunday, November 11, 2012

shoe boxes

Today Hunter took his box for Operation Christmas Child. I wish we could make 100 boxes to take. Hannah took things last week to make boxes with her Sunday School class. We had a great time shopping for things to fill the boxes with. I was able to hear a lady speak at the dotMom conference who had received a box when she was a child. We will always make these. It is good to help others and I love that Hannah and Hunter are learning to help others who are not as blessed as we are. Hunter is still learning that it is good to give. He told me right after I took his picture that he would just keep the box because he does not have some of the toys that we packed in it. We had a little talk about all the toys he has and how this box is going to a little boy who does not have many if any toys at all. We all struggle with being selfish, but we are working on being more giving in the Hood house.

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