Saturday, November 3, 2012

what started bad ended good

This morning Hannah had to go to church for choir practice. I dropped her off, which is a little weird for me because she should not be old enough to be dropped off places, and went to Costco.  It is amazing how fast you can get through there with no children. It was a nice peaceful trip until I go the car and was unloading the buggy. I picked up the peanut butter and hit my hand on the end of the buggy. I looked down and my diamond was laying over. I completely FREAKED OUT!!!!!! I touched it and it fell off. I laid it in the back of the car and immediately called Derrick. I could have thrown up. He as so sweet. He just told me not to worry about it and that it could be fixed. I really wanted to cry hysterically but held it together for the most part since I was in the Costco parking lot.

 After I took a minute to calm down I went back to church to pick Hannah up. I was able to see her practice her dance a little. I am excited to see the whole program. I think Hunter and I will be able to sing along with them because we listen to the CD in the car all the time. We went to Hallmark to get Dad a birthday card. I have been taking Hannah to Hallmark with me since before she was born. I think she is finally old enough to appreciate it now. She wanted to look at everything. We spent a good 45 minutes in there. I know Nene loves that we have another Hallmark shopper in the family.
 We found about 10 ornaments that we really wanted to by but ended up only leaving with one. I told her we will come back and get a few more another day. Our shopping mission today was to get presents for Dad. We made one more stop before meeting Dad and Buddy at Logan's for lunch. We had a nice lunch then Hannah and I went to finish shopping and Dad and Buddy took my ring to the jewelry store before coming home. We all got home at the same time. The good news that made me feel much better is that I ring will be fixed Monday night after 6!!!! Derrick will pick it up Tuesday for me and he said it will be as good as new for only a small fee.
 A couple of years ago we had a cake for Whole Foods for Deborah's birthday, I think, and now we are hooked. This is the first year I have not made a cake for Derrick, but Hannah picked this one out for him. She said, "Dad will like this one because it looks like a boy cake even though it has some pink on it." She was right, he said he loved it.
 It really looks like a boy cake from the top.
 I love the progression of these next few pictures. Hunter is not taking his eyes off the cake.
 Hunter is still focusing on the cake. Hannah is laughing because she blew out the candles. Dad is giving them the "I am going to get you" look.
I asked him to hold the cake up so I could get a good picture of him with the cake. I was waiting on Hannah and Hunter to get close enough for the picture and the top two layers slid off. Hunter thought it was hilarious!!!! He is pointing at Dad's fingers which are covered in icing. After a good laugh we all enjoyed the yummy cake. What a great way to end the day. Happy Early Birthday, Dad!!!! We love you!

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