Wednesday, November 28, 2012

randomness and Tinsel

 These are the notes that Hannah wrote Tinsel the first night she was here. She even wrote one for Hunter. So sweet!
 Hunter brought this home from school this week. How cute his is little hand as the Mayflower? I love it!!!!

 I also love that his turkey has two different size eyes.

 Hannah and Hunter could not find Tinsel this morning. They were so funny. They decided that she must have been tired and decided to sleep in at the North Pole. Hannah asked me as soon as I picked her up if I had seen Tinsel. I told her I did see her when I was putting garland she made last year on her Christmas tree. Hannah loved that she got her bear out of her bed to talk to. Tinsel thought the Tangle tower was a neat place.
 The picture did not turn out great, but these are snowman lights to add a little decoration to the kids bathroom. They loved it!!

Hunter sang his Christmas songs tonight at church. None of the kids wanted to sing tonight. They all looked really cute standing on the stage though. Derrick took a picture of him on the stage and videoed it. We will work on getting it on the blog.

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