Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today was the first Saturday in 5 weeks that we have not had something to do in the morning. We did not have to be anywhere today until 2:45. Today is Cooper's birthday and we had a great time celebrating him this afternoon. It was a really fun party. It was so nice out that Dad decided we should take the jeep. It was a nice ride to the party but a rather chilly ride home. I like riding in the jeep but think it will be much more enjoyable next summer.

This is what Gypsy thought about Christmas card pictures.

In other news we took Christmas card pictures today. I know you all are in shock, if you know us well. We are usually scrambling to shoot the card the second week of December. Not this year, we are on it. I hope to have them in the mail by the second week of December if not before.

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